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This is Dixie's story.

Dixie is a black lab mix. She was saved from an abusive situation and nurtured by Mae Pagan in Hague, NY. 

Having lost her previous dog to cancer, Mae went to the website Golden Hugs, a site for saved dogs and   providing foster homes and connections to adoption.

When Mae saw Dixie’s eyes on that page, she felt it was an old soul look, and knew Dixie was to come home to her.

Dixie's Past:

She had been left tied up, starving and pregnant.  She was rescued by an old woman who nursed her until the puppies were born. 

“This woman was an angel too," said Mae. 

When Dixie had her pups, she called the Animal Rescue who put Dixie in a foster home rather than a kill shelter. 

 Mae fell in love with her the instant she saw Dixie's picture.  

In June 2009, Dixie was shipped from Tennessee to New York. 

It took Dixie a few months to get back to health again, recovering from starvation and mange. 

Initially she was afraid to go out in the dark. When they walked, she had to touch Mae’s legs.

She finally got to the point where she could sit outside by herself, which is what she was doing that fatal day. 

"She was such a joyful dog.  During walks in the woods, she bounded on her long legs with complete joy. "

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